Sarova Shaba Game Lodge
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Nestled within the breathtaking Shaba Game Reserve, Sarova Shaba Game Lodge offers a serene escape immersed in natural splendor.

Modern amenities meet rustic charm in well-appointed rooms that overlook the Ewaso Nyiro River. Guests can savor delectable cuisine while taking in the panoramic views.

The lodge's strategic location provides a gateway to the diverse wildlife of the reserve, and guided game drives promise encounters with elephants, giraffes, and big cats.

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge is not just a stay; it's a journey into the heart of Kenya's wilderness, where luxury harmonizes with the untamed spirit of the savannah.

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  • 1st May to 30th June
  • 1st July to 22nd Dec

Meal Plan - Full Board

Single Room

Ksh 13,000

/ Per Night
  • Ksh 13,000
  • Ksh 15,000

Meal Plan - Full Board

Double Room

Ksh 18,000

/ Per Night
  • Ksh 18,000
  • Ksh 20,000

Meal Plan - Full Board