Laragai House
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Laragai House, perched atop the Laikipia Plateau, transcends luxury, offering a private and opulent escape in the Kenyan wilderness. The estate's lavish accommodations provide panoramic views and personalized services.

Horseback safaris, cultural interactions, and unparalleled tranquility define the Laragai experience.

The estate's commitment to conservation and community engagement elevates the opulence, creating a haven where guests can indulge in the beauty of nature while contributing to its preservation in the heart of Kenya.

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  • Mid Season
  • High Season

Meal Plan - Full Board

Rates for 6 Pax

Ksh 239,085

/ Per Night
  • Ksh 239,085
  • Ksh 346,500

Meal Plan - Full Board

Additional Adult

Ksh 46,200

/ Per Person Per Night
  • Ksh 46,200
  • Ksh 60,060

Meal Plan - Full Board