Kijani Hotel
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Nestled on the idyllic island of Lamu, Kijani Hotel is a serene eco-retreat that harmoniously blends luxury with environmental consciousness. Surrounded by lush gardens and the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean, this boutique hotel offers an immersive experience in sustainable living.

Kijani's charming accommodations are crafted from local materials, featuring traditional Swahili design elements. Guests can enjoy personalized service, delectable cuisine sourced from the hotel's organic garden, and a tranquil atmosphere.

With a commitment to conservation and community engagement, Kijani Hotel stands as a unique haven, providing an eco-friendly escape on Lamu's culturally rich archipelago.

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  • Jan to 14th Dec
  • 15th to 10th Jan 2025 - Min 5 Nights

Meal Plan - Bed & Breakfast

Accommodation Only

Ksh 14,750

/ Per Person Per Night
  • Ksh 14,750 Per Person Per Night
  • Ksh 21,500 Per Person Per Night

Meal Plan - Bed & Breakfast

Flying Package - 4 Nights Days

Ksh 81,000

/ Per Person
  • Ksh 81,000 Per Person
  • Ksh 137,500 Per Person

Meal Plan - Bed & Breakfast